Tricia McDonald

Tricia McDonald


Tricia McDonald’s art is a direct response to her surroundings and reflects her interest in nature with its myriad shapes and colors. She particularly enjoys using dynamic color combinations that “sing”.

Tricia was fortunate to be exposed to art as a child and encouraged to follow her desire to make things, not necessarily structured environment. Some of her early memories include making things out of red clay dugg from the front yard in North Alabama and later carving dolls from large twigs with a pocket knife. She is most comfortable when holding a pen or pencil with something to write or draw on to express herself.

Studying art is one of her treats to herself. She builds on the knowledge gained from formal education with workshops and classes and interaction with other artists including her husband, John, an accomplished artist.

Realism, though impressionistic, has been the root of her style over the years. In the last several years she has explored some abstract compositions still focusing on color. Art is such fun!

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