Sharon G. Waddell

Sharon G. Waddell


After 20 years as a stay-at-home Mom, I awoke one day and found that my husband and I were living in an “empty nest.” The initial feeling of freedom was awesome. Freedom to travel, eat out and generally do what I wanted to do rather than running a carpool, help organize homework and the myriad of things that all of you Moms are well acquainted with. I began to realize that the freedom was also freedom to start over. I had loved art in high school, but it gave way to college, respiratory therapy school, work, marriage and children. Nearly two years ago I started painting again and it has become my passion. With a few lessons, the “rust” washed out of my old brushes and I started creating scenes that were so much fun to paint and share with others. That’s where I am today and hope to continue this journey for a long time.

I love painting birds, especially the pelicans that I see when we are in Gulfport, along with landscapes.

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Sharon Waddell sea horse painting
Pelican painting by Sharon Waddell
Shore Birds by Sharon Waddell
Landscape by Sharon Waddell