Jon Ivan

Jon Ivan


My name is Jon Ivan and I am a Luthier Artist. I create art in the form of playable, musical instruments.

Born and raised on the Gulf coast, I started working in pencil art at the age of 8. My love for art never left me throughout my life and is a passion.

In 2014, I suffered an unusual and very devastating medical issue that changed my life. During the recovery process I envisioned a violin as a piece of playable art. After building the violin I envisioned a guitar so I built it too. Then came a lamp and piano. During that time I knew that I had found my talent in sculpting. I built a static display with a riddle called “The Power of 3” then another called “Eternal Love”

At one point I realized that I needed a way to make a piece that could be reproduced. I worked for 2 years developing it. I traveled to Nashville 2 times to meet with a violinist for testing. Now I am offering the violin called the “V1” to the general public as a limited edition of 100. There are only 2 of the promotional pieces. One is in the Galleria on display and the other is in the hands of the Violinist, Lauren Conklin.

I have plans for many more pieces in the works and I’m anxious to get them out of my head and in front of your eyes.

I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating it.

Jon Ivan

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